Peshawar Dental College

OUR MISSION: Excellence in Professional Competence  &  Ethical Values

All candidates in the PMC list who desires to get admission of first Year BDS in Peshawar Dental College and yet not appeared for interview are directed to appear for interview in main campus of Peshawar Medical College Warsak Road latest by 3PM tomorrow (29.01.2021).

Admission 2020-21

Vision Statement

To produce dentists with clear objectives to help in long term development of the community through the following attributes;

  • Professional competence
  • Excellence in ethical values and practice
  • Cognizance of community oral health needs
  • Research mindedness and lifelong learning
  • Competence in IT and current oral health technologies
  • Capability to successfully meet the local and global oral health challenges
  • Competitiveness at national and global level

Our slogan

“Come with commitment, grow with wisdom and leave with professional and ethical competence for a bright future”. We believe in creating your tomorrow today.

Mission statement

To Achieve Excellence in professional competence and ethical values

Educational Outcomes for BDS Programme

Our graduates would be able to:

  1. Provide, just, equitable and ethically driven oral health care to the community for common dental diseases, including preventive and therapeutic services.
  2. Communicate effectively with patients, their caregivers, colleagues and other dental care personnel.
  3. Contribute maximally to the advancement of bio-medical research and development of evidence-based dental care interventions.
  4. Be effective team member in dental practice.
  5. Demonstrate critical, analytical and problem solving skills.
  6. Exhibit and model exemplary moral conduct and be a mentor for the junior colleagues and students.
  7. Prove to be a socially responsible, honest, respectable and patriotic citizen.

Obviously the realization of just cited purpose required a host of resources and facilities. We can confidently say that we have done a lot in that direction and are continuously improving and updating. We have opted for the latest modes of teaching and assessment methods within the framework of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. We have hired the best of talent in-country and from abroad, the best of persons as teaching and support staff. We are genuinely proud of our magnificent human resources which is the back bone of both the colleges. In addition we have magnificent college campuses, facilitated resident hostels and quality teaching hospitals to young medical graduates.

PDC is recognized by PM&DC for Mphil in Basic science & by CPSP for MCPS & FCPS. Our commitment is to give the best possible facilities to young doctors and expect reciprocal commitment of full devotion to their studies.

Fee Structure
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BDS Admission 2020-21

Prospectus 2020-21

BDS Admission Process for NEXT YEAR session 2021-22
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