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PMC Library has been established to meet the study & research requirements of its faculty and students. Besides books and professional journals, the library is developing a collection of audios, videos, CDs & DVDs relating various fields of health including audio record of the lectures delivered by teaching faculty staff.

There is a network of 24 computers in the library with all time intranet and internet facilities. With a view to keep students abreast with the latest developments in a particular field, the students are encouraged to avail the facility with impunity by visiting the relevant websites. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has provided the college an access to their digital library. This digital library has more than 20,000 on-line journals. Students & staff members are encouraged to make use of the facility for education & research.

Cataloguing Systems of the library
Card catalogue:

For easy location of books, the library maintains a card catalogue that provides alphabetical list of books on card under Author, Subject and Title including Edition and Place of Publication, Publisher, Year of Publication and Number of Pages. This can greatly help researchers to prepare bibliography relating their research assignments. The catalogue can be consulted quite easily just like a dictionary. It also helps a reader to locate a book of her/his interest on the shelf with the help of a classification number written on the left hand side corner of the card.

Analytical catalogue:

For facilitating easy access to the periodicals literature, a separate card designing is under way that will provide info regarding articles available in the library on a particular subject in professional journals.

Reference Books

The library has separate collection of reference books meant for consultation and study within library premises and restricted from being issued. These include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, year books or original editions of certain important textbooks. Current magazines and journals are also not issued.

Library Membership

Membership of the library is open for the students, members of the teaching faculties and college administration as well as to staff members of the attached teaching hospitals.

Books issue and receipt policy

Professors, associate and assistant professors are entitled to draw and keep up to maximum of 5 books at a time for a period of up to one month. Books may be renewed for another month after expiry of the due date.

Lecturers and demonstrators are entitled to draw and keep up to maximum of 4 books at a time for a period of one month. The books may be renewed for another month if not required by another member.

PMC staff members other than the ones just cited including staff members of the attached hospitals can draw up to two books at a time for a fortnight. After return of one book they can draw another one.

The students of the college are entitled to draw three books at a time for a period of one month. The books may be got renewed for another month if not required by some other member. Books will only be issued on production of their College I.D cards or photo.