Guidelines for Student Conduct

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All students are advised to read these rules carefully, and abide by them all. Any violation of these rules will be tantamount to serious breach of discipline/order.

  1. Every part of the college building and hostel premises shall be kept clean, i.e., walls, fixtures, classrooms, lab equipment, books, specimens, charts, etc. should not be tampered with, mutilated or damaged in any way or form. Perpetrators will face strict disci¬plinary actions.
  2. Students are required to show decent and disciplined behavior in the classrooms. Students are forbidden to act in a manner which is unbecoming of in the college premise/hostel/hospitals and even outside the college premises.
  3. Students are required to strictly observe college dress code.
  4. Students are required to observe punctually on all notified events and in the classes.
  5. Every student is required to attend at least 75% of lectures, lab practical/ clinical rotations/ tutorials etc. Repeated absence from lecture, classes, and demonstrations and from hospital ward will make a student liable to debarring from examination and expulsion from the college.
  6. The students must display their name cards while in the college premises or at the hospitals.
  7. For purpose of leave, the students must apply in writing and give reason for his/her request.
  8. Security measure to handle chemicals, equipment, instruments or reagents are to be strictly observed.
  9. If a student has any complaint, he/she has to submit it in writing to the Vice Principal who will forward it to the Principal/ Dean of the college for necessary action (if required).
  10. Student desirous of addressing the Dean/ Principal by a letter must do so individually. Joint applications shall be considered as breach of discipline & will not be entertained.
  11. Student who wishes to make a representation on any subject has the right of direct access to the Principal or Dean during college hours by prior appointment.
  12. Students are required to follow college notifications, instructions issued by the Principal or on his behalf by some other authority.
  13. Students are not allowed to leave the lecture hall, practical class or hospital ward without the permission of the teacher.
  14. Political activities are strictly forbidden in the college and the hostels in any form. The college Disciplinary Committee will strictly deal with such cases. The punishment may include expulsion from the college.
  15. Students shall not address a press conference, or write of communicate by other means to the press on any issues related to the college, hospital, university or government without prior approval by the college.
  16. No student will be allowed to leave the premises of the college and hospitals during working hours without written permission.
  17. Students are prohibited from usage of foul language, physical jokes or fighting.
  18. Shouting, sloganeering, making noises or singing on the college/hostel/hospital premises are contrary to the decent behavior and conduct, therefore are not allowed.
  19. No person shall be invited to address a meeting or society in the college premises without prior written permission of the Principal/ Dean.
  20. Students are not allowed to bring the outsiders in the college/hospitals/hostels premises without prior permission of the Principal/ Dean.
  21. No student will be allowed to take the exam unless he/she has cleared all the dues and produced NOC at the time of submission of examination forms.
  22. All accidents, major or minor shall have to be reported immediately to the college authorities.
  23. Any unauthorized activity is not permitted; either in the college or at hospitals/ hostels.
  24. No poster or banner shall be displayed in the college /hostel/hospital premises without the approval of the Principal/ Dean.
  25. Socially unacceptable activities (gambling/use of narcotics/possession of arms, etc) within the college premises, Hospitals and Hostels are strictly prohibited.
  26. No student will be admitted to the next class unless he/she has deposited the college fee and other dues for the class.
  27. The college administration reserves the right to revise college fee and other subscriptions from time to time during the course of studies.