Peshawar Dental College

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Message for the students of PDC

Assalam o Alaikum!

My dear Girls, I feel very awkward addressing you like this in a very tense situation. The fact is that I’m missing all of you at the moment. As decided the lecture scheduled for all classes are being uploaded well in time, thanks to the faculty and the technical personnel who are a real help in this critical period. These recorded lectures may not be as good as interactive teaching in the class but in these circumstances, this is the best we could arrange for you.

A schedule will be submitted for assessments of these topics in the coming week In Sha Allah.

I believe that my little girls will be behaving very confident and will be a support to the family and taking proper care of the parents and siblings.

All said about academics a little advice from your Teacher:

If anyone of you is feeling socially isolated, know that there are people who care very much about you – I strongly encourage you to reach out to friends and family as often as you can. Not through physical approach but through other means.

Dress nicely, be humble, cook and bake for your family, help your mothers in redecorating and giving your home a new look. You have ample time to spend with family enjoy it, this is not going to last forever and above all what is required is reach to Allah, pray regularly, study Quran, ask His forgiveness, pray for the safety and health of the people around and distant and for the survival of humanity.

May Allah Pak help us all?



Prof. Dr. Tallat Firdos